Damaged student iPod Touch.

The concern many parents have about sending their children to school with expensive, hand-held electronic devices is pretty much the same concern we teachers have about bringing our own devices to school.

We know that — especially at school — things “just happen.”  Stacks of books get knocked out of arms when we’re bumped into in the crowded hallways, supplies accidentally fall off of desks during classroom activities, students absent-mindedly leave their latest fashion trends in locker rooms and the items mysteriously go missing, glasses get stepped on during recess, etc.

It would be unrealistic of us to think that our electronic devices will be any less susceptible to these types of mishaps than the rest of our property.  Even so, that is absolutely no reason to keep the devices at home, bubble-wrapped in the box they came in!

Survivor by Griffin: in pink and black

A colleague of mine, who had the unfortunate experience of dropping her iPad2 and shattering the glass, researched options for protecting her replacement and came up with the Survivor case by Griffin.

This case claims to be military tested, promises to absorb vibrations (and even shock from being dropped), and helps to reduce potential damage form the elements such as water, wind, and dust.  One look at this protective case, and you know it means business!

Trusting my colleague’s experienced judgement and after trying out her case while in school, I decided to purchase one for my own iPad2.  I replaced the “pretty”, light green cover that I had been using with the Survivor case, and I’ve found that it makes a world of difference in how I use my device.  A stronger, sturdier case on my iPad2 has freed up some of my worry and hesitation about using the device in school.  I feel like I am using it to its fullest potential now.

Griffin is not the only company making these sturdy cases, and the iPad2 is not the only device for which they are available.  Searches on sites like Amazon may produce sales and special deals (which is where I found mine).   This link to a post by the blog, OT’s With Apps, lists a few of the other iPad options.

Bringing or sending an electronic device to school in full “armor” will put everyone a little more at ease and make it possible for parents, students, and teacher to focus on the full capacity of what the devices can actually help us learn and do.

What did YOU do in school today?

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