With more and more technology finding its way into schools all the time, there is a lot for teachers to learn. It can be intimidating to pick up a new device or try out an unfamiliar program. We are lucky, though, because some of the best technology instructors come into our classrooms each day; they are our students.

Recently, one of my 7th grade students showed me how to save a shortcut for a web page to the home screen of an Apple product. Only having my iPad2 for a few months, this was exciting news to me.

I created a short audio recording, with screen shots from the iPad, to explain how this feature works.

Even if you are already familiar with the “add to home screen feature” (as many of my colleagues were when I shared this news with them), check out this short video anyway. I created it with a free iPad app called Educreations.

The Educreations app allows you to create a tutorial with multiple pages, add photos, add audio, and draw with a variety of pen colors. I found it pretty easy to use. (Of course, as with any audio tutorial program you use, rehearsal will make it even easier to create valuable resources for your students.)

Add to Home Screen Feature for Apple Products

What did YOU do in school today?

(*Note, the Educreations app offers an embed code to use with blogs, but when I use the code here, it just gives me a link, not an embedded video.  I’m not quite sure at the moment if I’m having a WordPress issue or an Educreations issue…)

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