As a member of my school’s professional development committee, it has been a focus of mine to make PD resources accessible and attainable for my colleagues.  We’ve all been bombarded with emails containing links and instructions for accessing a variety of resources, but all too often, those well-intended emails get buried and forgotten about before they can really be explored or the concepts implemented.

A number of social networking sites provide ways through which we can share information instead of clogging up our email inboxes:  following Twitter accounts is an option, and starting Facebook pages or groups is another.  I’ve tried both, and while I’ve learned and shared some good things through each of them, I’m now finding that Pinterest is a much better medium to find and share information.  (Don’t worry – if you are already using Facebook or Twitter, you can easily link your Pinterest account so that what you post there will also appear through those accounts.)

While I strongly recommend joining Pinterest and setting up an account of your own, the interesting thing about it, and something that sets it apart from Facebook and Twitter, is that you do not need to be a member to view boards – it just makes it a whole lot easier and more convenient if you are signed up.

My own personal Pinterest account can be found through this link:  http://pinterest.com/msmorriswwp/.  It’s certainly something worth checking out.

What did YOU do in school today?

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