What did you do in school today? with Kimberly Sutton

Today I asked our question: “What did you do in school today?” of Kimberly Sutton all the way in Sydney, Australia! This series of blog posts includes responses to our question from educators from all over the world, of all content areas, in all grade levels, and in various teaching assignments so that together, we will have a better understanding of what is happening TODAY IN SCHOOL. For more information or to write your own response to the question, please visit this page.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Today was the last day of school before going on winter break.

We started our morning in the same fashion we do every morning and then followed with a lesson about global organisations. My students talked, worked and researched. Today felt the same as any other day.

Recess came along and my kids asked if they could come back into the classroom and hang out. And they did. Like any other day.


“This classroom belongs to my kids. It’s their space. It’s not messy; it’s creative.” ~Kimberly Sutton

Like any other day, some of the boys spent their recess, in the classroom, playing with cardboard boxes. Some of the girls sat by me, asking me questions about what I’d be doing if I wasn’t teaching, they asked questions about what I loved about school when I was their age, they shared stories about what they were up to in their lives. We shared stories and and asked each other questions just like any other day.

And just like any other day, some of my boys came up to excitedly show me the things they’d be doing on Minecraft, and I’d get them to teach me how they did it.

Now I know that this blog post is to share stories about what I’m doing at this very moment. What I was specifically teaching about, learning about etc. However, I’ve made it quite clear that these happenings happen just about every day.. Over and over, day in day out. But you know what? I am not bored by this.. Nor would I ever change giving up my lunchtimes.

I’ve realised how much of a connection I’ve made with my students. The fact that they want to come in at every break, just to hang out, just to ask questions, just to excitedly show me things they are proud of creating.

I pride myself in my rapport and relationships with my students. I love the fact they get my sense of humour, they know when it hits the fan, they know when to joke around and when to get their heads down to work.

Today in school I laughed, joked and listened to my students.
Today in school I provided experiences which my students will never forget.
Today in school I realised that I am much more than a teacher and educator.

Kimberly Sutton is a primary school teacher from Sydney, Australia. She has been teaching for 5 years and taught a range of children from early childhood (preschool) to first year university EodAt9at_400x400students.

She has been active on Twitter (@teachMissSutton) for the past year and absolutely loves being a part of a global PLN. She co-hosts an edchat on Twitter #aussieED, and moderates and contributes to www.aussieed.com.

Her passions lie in educational technology, Game Based Learning and nurturing a love and passion for learning.

~What did YOU do in school today?

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