SAMR is a model for educators to use when incorporating technology into teaching and learning. Developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura, the SAMR model provides educators with a framework and understanding in order to plan, develop, and infuse digital learning experiences that utilize technology.

While the model was created in a linear fashion, it’s important to remember that SAMR doesn’t have to be used as a scale or a ladder. It is not necessarily true that technology used as a substitution (S) is inferior to technology used to modify (M), augment (A), or redefine (R) the learning experience. It will depend on the task at hand, the individual students, and the desired learning outcomes to determine the role technology plays in each lesson. 

The SAMR model can simply be used to help teachers see what the technology can do or what it is doing at a given time and implementation. However, when the intention is actually to modify, augment, or redefine the learning experience, the model shows teachers how it is possible to do so through the use of technology.

I like this particular SAMR model, which illustrates the depth of thinking possible when we use technology to transform learning experiences. This image and more info about SAMR was found here: http://learnmaker.co.uk/blog/2015/04/how-the-samr-model-improves-teaching-with-ipad

Here’s another example that I made, using a newspaper as our subject. Take a look at how various applications of technology can change the experience of “reading” the news.

Original: Newspaper is printed on paper and purchased at a newsstand or delivered to the doorstep.

Substitution: Newspaper is now available in electronic format online; can be subscribed to by email or RSS feed.

Augmentation: In addition to being available online, there are now hyperlinks embedded within the news articles which take the reader to further information about the subjects in the news.

Modification: In addition to additional resources hyperlinked in the online news articles, audio clips and videos are embedded to accompany the news stories as well.

Redefinition: Events and news stories can be streamed live online. (No need to wait until the next day to read all about it!)

The more familiar you become with the SAMR model, the easier it becomes to determine which technology applications to use for which lessons and when.

More resources for learning about the SAMR model:

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