What if…we all took just a minute or two each day to tell other people, those with whom we learn, or work, or live what it is that we appreciate about them?

Maybe it’s the way they always listenwhatifwealltellotherswhatweappreciateaboutthem when you need to talk to someone.

Maybe it’s the way they come up with new ideas and include you in the process.

Maybe it’s their knack for telling silly jokes and always knowing how to break the tension during awkward moments.

Maybe they lent you a book that had a significant impact on you.

Maybe they just say hi every morning and always take time to ask you how you are. 

What if we wrote down (on actual paper) what we appreciate about them and, as we told them, we also gave them the hand-written note to keep?

What if every administrator did this? Once a day? Once a week? Once a month?

What if we encouraged our students to do this — to think of others and to take the time to let other people know they’re appreciated more often?

What if?

~What did YOU do in school today?

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