Today in school…

Teachers, instructional coaches, supervisors, principals, and superintendents spent the day learning from and with one another in Wyckoff, NJ. (And this was just one of many locations for this summer’s EdCamp Leadership unconference, connecting educational leaders from all over the world!)

I got to meet up and learn with a friend and colleague. 

I expanded my PLN…

…and I met some of my online connections in person for the first time.

I gleaned new ideas for the coming school year from educators with different roles, different backgrounds, different experiences, and the common goal of being the best educators we can be for our students.

We learned.

We laughed.

We left a little bit more connected than when we arrived.

It was a good day.

~What did YOU do in school today?


The learning doesn’t stop when the school year does.

Teachers are learning all the time, and these days we learn in nontraditional, participant-driven settings like unconfernces.  The next local unconference, EdCamp STEAM is coming up on August 5th in North Brunswick, NJ.

Hundreds of educators will be in attendance, learning from one another, gathering ideas to bring back to school in the fall.

For more information and to sign up for FREE, view the flyer:  https://www.smore.com/pgd4m

What did YOU do in school today?