For the fourth year, teachers are going to writing camp this summer.

Teachers Write! is a voluntary, free, online camp designed for educators and anyone else interested in developing their own writing skills and becoming a better writer. The idea is that by writing every day at camp, educators will hone their craft, gathering ideas and experiences to take back into the classroom and share with student writers. new-teachers-write-2015

Camp is structured; each day there is something planned including writing prompts, mini-lessons, and opportunities to chat directly with the camp hosts, Kate Messner (@KateMessner), Jen Vincent (@MentorTexts), Gae Polisner (@GaePol), and Jo Knowles (@JoKnowles).

Through this camp, teachers have access to published authors who are willing to take the time and mentor them, give feedback on their work, and coach them through the process. Teachers will also gather mentor texts — including the ones they write themselves during camp — and other resources to use with students in their own teaching practice.

Not all of our students are natural writers or even enjoy writing, yet we ask them to live and breathe as writers, every day in school, even when writing may be the last thing in the world that they want to do. Like our students, not all educators are natural writers. This type of professional development activity, therefore, is a true testament to just how dedicated today’s educators are about improving their craft. This type of professional activity pushes teachers out of their comfort zone, forces them to think differently, try new approaches, and experience authentic vulnerability as writers that our students feel each day.

Writing every day, publishing and sharing that writing with others, and reflecting on the writing and the process, is exactly what we ask of our students in school, and it is what teachers are doing through Teachers Write! camp this summer.

For more information about Teachers Write! or to connect with participants, follow the #TeachersWrite hashtag on Twitter.

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